November 1, 2021

Closedowns for Christmas and the New Year 2021/2022 

Cleared Copy & Instructions Must Be Submitted By  Day(s) Being Closed 
Tuesday 30th November at 12 noon  Wednesday 1st & Thursday 2nd    
Wednesday 1st December at 12 noon  Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th 
Thursday 2nd December at 12 noon  Sunday 5th & Monday 6th  
 Friday 3rd December at 12 noon  Tuesday 7th & Wednesday 8th  
Monday 6th December at 12 noon  Thursday 9th & Friday 10th  
Tuesday 7th December at 12 noon  Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th  
Wednesday 8th December at 12 noon  Monday 13th & Tuesday 14th    
Thursday 9th December at 12 noon  Wednesday 15th & Thursday 16th  
Friday 10th December at 12 noon  Friday 17th & Saturday 18th  
Monday 13th December at 12 noon  Sunday 19th & Monday 20th  
Tuesday 14th December at 12 noon  Tuesday 21st & Wednesday 22nd  
Wednesday 15th December at 12 noon  Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th   
Thursday 16th December at 12 noon  Sat 25th, Sun 26th & Mon 27th   
Friday 17th December at 12 noon  Tuesday 28th & Wednesday 29th   
Monday 20th December at 12 noon  Thursday 30th & Friday 31st  
Tuesday 21st December at 12 noon  Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd Jan   
Wednesday 22nd December at 12 noon  Monday 3rd & Tuesday 4th Jan 


Please adhere to deadlines for both instructions & physical copy, all copy for transmission over the holiday period must be with us by Wednesday December 22nd  12 noon, except in exceptional circumstances, which have been previously agreed with Traffic in writing. Thanks 

Traffic Department: or 

Chris Barrett 087 – 2792442 

Carla Fagan 087 – 7711152 

Brendan Diggin  

Caoimhe Buckley Green 


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