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Deadlines & Creative Notes

Digital Operations Easter Ad Deadlines

Please take note that Digital Ad Operations Easter deadlines have been issued. If your digital campaign (Takeover, Sponsorship, Display or VOD) is starting between 15th – 20th April the deadline is Tues 12th April. Late creative can result in your go-live date being delayed.Please ensure this is shared with the relevant departments in your company.The Ad Ops team are available via for any queries you may have

Creative Notes and General Deadlines

All bookings are made subject to RTÉ Terms and Conditions (click here).
We need creative delivered to the following deadlines to ensure your campaign goes live on-time:

  • Standard Display: 1 working day prior to live date.
  • Takeovers: 2 working day (s) prior to live date.

Late creative can result in your go-live date being delayed.

NOTE: The above times may increase, depending on the number of creatives received & the quantity of line items in an order.

Creative can only be accepted via

  • All creative must have the Insertion Order number in the subject line of email so that we can match it with the booking.
  • The Insertion Order number is in a unique identifier; without this the creative cannot be trafficked.
  • Bookings are subject to creative approval. All creative must be compliant with the RTÉ Privacy Statement & Cookie Policy. Click here for more information.
  • Screenshot(s) can be supplied on request with valid IO number.
  • Inventory avails are based on estimated forecast(s) at time of booking – actual traffic levels may fluctuate during a live campaign.
  • Upon request, Campaign Reports will be supplied within 1 working day.
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