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The submission form must be used when submitting copy to the Clearance Committee. All copy submissions from this date onwards should be sent to
(To use the form, you should have Adobe Reader (version 8 or higher) installed on your Mac/PC –this is free and can be downloaded or upgraded from

The method of submitting copy to RTÉ for clearance will be as follows:

  • Fill out the submission form with your details and the details of the copy you are submitting
  • Save the form
  • Create a new email and address it to
  • Attach the form and the relevant media and/or script files to the email
  • Type additional text regarding this submission into the body of the email (optional)
  • Send the email


You will receive an automatic email informing you that your submission has been received and that a new case has been generated. Every case will be assigned a unique reference number and this number will be used to track your submission from receipt, through the clearance process and onto final decision. All subsequent emails regarding this case will include the case number, in square brackets e.g. [90115], in the Subject Line.

If you wish to email concerning a submission that you have already made, you must include the case number including square brackets in the subject line of your email as described above. Preferably, use “Reply” to the committee’s emails as they will always include your case number. These steps will ensure that all emails regarding your copy submissions will be automatically added to your cases.


1. they are sent to the old copy clearance email address

2. the form is not attached to your initial submission email

3. the pdf form is not correctly filled in

4. the attached files contain any of the following characters \ / : * ? ” < > | # { } % ~ &

5. you attach more than one pdf form per email (maximum of one form only per submission)

The Copy Clearance Committee meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays to deal with all submissions, and the current policies and procedures continue to apply.


This (.pdf) form must accompany each new submission that you make.

NOTE – you can only attach one form per email. We recommend that you fill out your details in the top “Agency Details” section of the form, save the form locally and then re-use this form each time you make a submission. There are 2 sections to the form – Agency Details and Copy Details.

There are 2 sections to the form – Agency Details and Copy Details.

Each form can accommodate details for up to 4 pieces of copy.

NOTE: if you wish to send more than 4 pieces of copy, you must fill in a new form and attach it, with the extra copy, in a new email. The form above is viewed using Adobe version 8.1.1. Some screen features may vary slightly depending on the version that you use. In this example, the mandatory fields (marked with a *) can be further highlighted by clicking on the Highlight Fields button:(top right corner of the Adobe screen).

Copy Details section Agency Details section This will turn all the mandatory boxes from black into red:

Agency Details section:
Your details in this section of the form will allow us to contact you regarding your submission(s). Please note the mandatory fields (denoted by * or highlighted in red).

NOTE: For your own convenience, we recommend that you fill out most of the Agency Details section once (i.e. Agency Name, Contact Name, Contact Email, Phone Number) and then save the form to a local folder. Name the file e.g. “Master Submission Form.pdf”. This can then be opened, edited (to include Copy Details for each submission) and “Saved As” to record the copy details for each submission.


Agency Name (mandatory field):
Your name should appear in the drop down Agency Name field, please choose it using the down arrow:

NOTE:  Our internal reference to your Agency name cannot accommodate certain characters e.g. “&”, so we have had to adjust some names accordingly. The names are strictly for our internal use only). If your name is NOT in the list, please choose “other” (as shown above), and then type your name in the free text box (circled above). We will regularly update the main Agency list to include all new Agency names, so please take the time to type your name as you will wish us to use it.


Advertiser (mandatory field):
This is free text and will be used in conjunction with the case number to track your submission throughout the clearance process.

Comment: (optional):
You can record any additional comments regarding this submission in this field.

Contact Name (mandatory field):
The name of the person who will be contacted regarding this submission.

Contact Email (mandatory field):
This email address will be used to let you know what stage your submission is at in the clearance process. Please avoid sending your submission from an email address that is different to the one specified in the form.

Phone Number (mandatory field):
If we need to phone you regarding a submission, this is the number we will use.

Number of copy attachments (mandatory field):
This should contain a number, 1 to 4, of how many pieces of copy you will be attaching to your submission email. It will be used by the clearance committee to verify that you have included the correct number of attachments to your submission.

Copy Details Section:
Each form can accommodate details for a maximum of 4 pieces of copy If you wish to send more than 4 pieces of copy, you must send a new email and attach an additional form. It will not be possible to process submission emails where the attached number of media and/or script files exceeds 4. In all instances where we are unable to process your submission, we will email you detailing the issues with your submission.

There are 4 Copy Details sections : Copy 1 Details, Copy 2 Details, Copy 3 etc….

As per the Agency Details section, the Copy Details section has some mandatory fields, these will be marked with * and/or highlighted in red.

Product Name: (mandatory field):
This is a free text box and will contain the name of the product being advertised

TV / Radio: (mandatory field):
This is a drop-down list and contains the following values: TV, Radio, TV and Radio.

Commercial Title: (mandatory field):
This can also be used to record the filename (e.g. script10.doc, new offer30.mpg) of the piece of copy that you are going to attach to your submission.

Length: (mandatory field):
This is a drop-down list and contains the values 5 to 180 seconds.

CCCI code: (optional):
If your submission is for an Alcohol Advertiser then enter the CCCI code here when it is available to you.

Contains Music: (optional):
Please tick this box if the advertisement contains music.

Note : your media and/or script files cannot contain any of the following characters: \ / : * ? ” < > | # { } % ~ &


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