Digital Display

Standard Skin

RTE standard skin dimensions diagram



  • Dimensions (W X H): 1600×900
  • Format: Transparent PNG-24
  • File size: 180KB



  • Not allowed. Image must be static.


Detailed Specification

  • Left and right hand side gutters measure 200px wide x 900px high and within that 200px the safe area is 120px (see example above). The middle panel (content area) covers 1200px wide.

Note: The spec is optimized for the screen resolutions 1440px wide and wider.


Background Colour

  • Must be consistent with Skin.


Creative Notes

  • Reporting Metrics: Ad Impressions & clicks only. All other tracking & interaction metrics should be discussed & agreed upon by the Rich Media Vendor.
  • Editorial Approval: RTÉ reserves the right to refuse a creative which is deemed inappropriate and/or harmful to our users at any time.


Providing Traffic with Creative

All creative MUST be sent to, quoting the following information:

  • IO number and Ad Agency in the subject line of email to identify campaign
  • Destination URL/ Click trackers/ Impression trackers to be clearly stated in the body of the email or as an attachment
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