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BAI General Commercial Communications Code


Section 42 of the Broadcasting Act, 2009, provides that:

The Authority shall prepare, and from time to time as occasion requires, revise, in accordance with this section, a code or codes governing standards and practice (“broadcasting code”) to be observed by broadcasters.

Broadcasting codes shall provide – (h) that advertising, teleshopping material, sponsorship and other forms of commercial promotion employed in any broadcasting service, other than advertising and other activities as aforesaid falling within paragraph (g), protect the interests of the audience.

The General Commercial Communications Code (“the Code”) has been developed by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland in accordance with its statutory obligations.


The Code shall apply to broadcasters within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Ireland. It shall not apply to other services commonly received in this State but licensed in the United Kingdom or in other jurisdictions.


Any viewer or listener should in the first instance refer a complaint directly to the relevant broadcaster if they are dissatisfied with the manner in which a broadcaster is complying with this Code. Further information on the complaints process is available on www.bai.ie or by phoning 01 6441200.


Further information on this Code is provided in Guidance Notes available on www.bai.ie. The Authority does not provide broadcasters, advertisers or the general public with a copy clearance service. The effective date of this Code is May 2nd 2011.


To view the BAI General Communication Code download below.


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