AB Deadlines 2019

May 28, 2019



RTÉ are pleased to announce that due to positive trading conditions we will continue to offer Television AB discount to our advertisers for July on the following Trading audiences:

  • Adults 15+
  • Adults ABC1
  • Men 15+
  • Men ABC1
  • Women 15+
  • Women ABC1
  • Housekeepers



We will also offer pre AB pricing to Radio Advertisers on campaigns booked on a CPT basis for July past the AB deadline of May 31st.This is available on CPT bookings only.

This offer is subject to category availability. Please note that this offer may be withdrawn at short notice should conditions determine

For further information contact a member of the implementation team and please find all AB deadlines below.

Audience 8 Week Early AB 6 Week Early AB 4 Week Early AB
January 12th November 2018 26th November 2018 4th December 2018
February 7th December 2018 3rd January 4th January
March 18th January 1st February
April 18th February 4th March
May 20th March 3rd April
June 19th April 3rd May
July 20th May 31st May
August 20th June 4th July
September 22nd July 2nd August
October 7th August 20th August 3rd September
November 6th September 20th September 4th October
December 4th October 21st October 1st November


  • 5% discount will apply at 8 week AB dates for the following Categories: Jan & Feb: Cars and Oct-Dec: Supermarkets, Cars, Cable, Satellite & Telecommunications.
  • 6 weeks AB’s will not be available for Cars in Jan & Feb and Supermarkets, Cars, Cable, Satellite & Telecommunications from October-December
  • Bookings are to be received by 17:30 on stated deadline day – Any bookings received after this time will not be entitled to Advanced Booking Discount.
  • Short term pricing may apply in tightly traded months to certain audiences / categories – This may mean the withdrawal of certain audiences after the AB deadline and the withdrawal of radio packages within month of transmission.
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