RTÉ Radio Ad Production

If you’re looking to advertise on RTÉ Radio but don’t have an ad ready to run, RTÉ’s in-house production team can help. We have the capability to create radio ads for your company should you so need. Below are indicative prices for a standard 30” Radio Ad:

  • €280 Production costs

  • Voiceover costs*:
    – €295 Voiceover cost per ad for RTÉ Radio 1 & RTÉ 2FM,
    – €360 Voiceover cost per ad for RTÉ Lyric fm.

  • €30 fee for .wav file.


*VO prices can vary slightly depending on the agency. This is one-year usage, if the ad is used again after one year, the client needs to pay VO fees.


Costs of Broadcast on Non-RTÉ Stations

If the ad is going on outside stations, the client is liable for additional costs i.e. Voiceover. These vary depending on the station. Below are indicative prices but these may vary:

  • €65 per station for National stations.

  • €50 per station for Regional stations.

  • €30 per station for Local stations.

  • Any music rates for outside stations are paid by the client/ station.


All prices are ex VAT.

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