Copy Clearance


Clearance Submission Form & Instructions

All copy for Clearance must be accompanied by a completed Copy Clearance Submission PDF Form as it is this form which creates an electronic case for you in the electronic Clearance system (if submitted correctly you will receive an automated response with a Case number).  The Clearance Submission PDF Form must be filled in using Adobe 8.0 or higher. Email your completed form along with your copy to and we will get back to you if any questions arise regarding your copy.

Specific instructions for MAC users

Attachments requiring Clearance can be provided in script and/or mp3 or low res mpeg format (Quicktime/Windows Media Player). Although preliminary approval can be provided at script level it is important to note that in all cases final approval is entirely dependent upon approval being given to copy planned for transmission.

When submitting copy on behalf of an advertiser/agency, please note:

  • Attachment Titles cannot include the following: \ / : * ? ” < > | # { } % ~ &
  • Each submission can contain a maximum of 4 pieces of copy.
  • Documents containing scripts must only contain one script each (i.e. 1 script per Word document).
  • Please note links to websites containing commercials cannot be processed. Low resolution mpgs or mp3’s are required to be emailed as attachments.


How to Submit for Clearance using a MAC

  • First you first need to download adobe Version 8 or higher which is available free on the following link; //
  • Go to Downloads and click on Adobe Application Icon, a message may appear on your screen stating the following; “Adobe Reader is not currently configured to be the default application for PDF files. Would you like to make PDF files open with Adobe Reader instead of Preview?” Please click Yes.
  • Go back into Downloads double click on Adobe Reader Icon, click Open and select the Copy Clearance Form from the list which you have just saved onto the Desktop. Complete the Form with all details and re-save.
    Then email and attach your completed Clearance Submission Form along with the copy requiring Clearance (script/mpeg/mp3 etc.)


Please fill out the Copy Clearance Submission Form and email your completed form along with your copy to and we will get back to you if any questions arise regarding your copy. *This form must be filled in using the version Adobe 8.0 or higher

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