RTÉ Guide Rates

RTÉ Guide Advert Specs

All ads supplied to the RTÉ Guide must conform to the following specifications for reasons of quality and compatibility. Any deviation from these specifications will result in the ad being rejected. RTÉ will not modify or correct content of any files that do not conform to the specifications below.


All files must be supplied in print ready PDF format. PDF files must be distilled for print reproduction using the CMYK offset process. An Acrobat Distiller settings file is available from RTE to ensure that PDF’s are generated correctly.

NB. All ads must be accompanied by a contact proof using an approved medium such as CMYK Chromalin, Iris, Kodak Approval. RTE is not responsible for quality if an acceptable quality proof does not accompany the digital files.


Files maybe sent via email to: production@rte.ie

Advert Specifications:


Double Page Spread

  275mm x 436mm 297mm x 456mm  309mm x 468mm

Single Page

275mm x 208mm

297mm x 228mm

309mm x 240mm

1/2 Page Horizontal

137mm x 208mm 147mm x 228mm 153mm x 240mm

1/2 Page Vertical

275mm x 101mm

 297mm x 111mm 303mm x 117mm

1/4 Page – Vertical 

 275mm x 46mm 297mm x 58mm  303mm x 64mm
 1/4 page – Horizontal   68mm x 208mm  73mm x 228mm 83mm x 240mm
 1/3 Page – Single Column 275mm x 63mm  297mm x 75mm

303mm x 81mm

1/3 Page – Horizontal

 90mm x 208mm  99mm x 228mm

105mm x 240mm 

 4 Column Banner  25mm x 208mm


Production Department

RTÉ Guide TV Building,

RTÉ Donnybrook,

Dublin 4.

Tel: (01) 208 2919



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