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Loose Insert Spec for Boylan Print Group


  • All inserts are subject to approval prior to booking, minimum of three samples required.
  • All deliveries must be as per our delivery and presentation specification.
  • Coded regionalised and zoned inserts must be notified at the time of booking.
  • Failure to present correctly could cause rejection or attract additional
  • Cost for re-turneng/packing.




Number of  loose Inserts 1 x 50,000 4 x Full Run
Pagination 8pp Dependant on combination

21Omm deep x 148mm wide

280mm deep x 200mm wide



Number of loose inserts 1 x 50,000 4 x Full Run
Pagination 2pp Dependant on combination

148mm deep x 105mm wide

280mm deep x 190mm wide

Note: Inserts below – 1 9Omm deep x 120mm wide limited to  a combined total of twelve pages.

2pp 120gsm 240gsm
4pp 80gsm 240gsm
6pp 60gsm 240gsm
8pp 48.8gsm 240gsm
10pp 48.8gsm 220gsm
12pp 48.8gsm 180gsm
14pp 48.8gsm 120gsm
16pp 48.8gsm 100gsm
18pp 48.8gsm  80gsm
20pp  48.8gsm  60gsm
24pp  48.8gsm   60gsm
28pp  48.8gsm   60gsm
32pp  48.8gsm   60gsm


Gummed Inserts


55 x 75 (Landscape)

210 x 200mm

Weight of paper



Note: We can take gummed inserts over two pages subject to prior approval only

Bound Inserts

Please contact site.


  • Inserts must be presented in a uniform direction with no turns.
  • Inserts should be delivered on solid open ended non returnable pallets 120omm x 1000mm in size for handling by fork lift truck
  • All pallets should have wooden top boards the same size as the base and measure no more than 1050mm in height.
  • Decks must be covered with a solid base before loading to prevent damage to the bottom layer of inserts.
  • Interleaves should be placed between each layer to aid stability and to prevent damage to the bottom layer of inserts.
  • Pallets should have full length corner protectors to prevent damage to products when pallets are shrink wrapped.
  • Pallets should be wrapped with film to prevent penetration of moisture.
  • Inserts should be stacked flush to the pallets edges. Inserts protruding from the sides will be creased or curled by the shrink wrap. Similarly inserts not stacked to the pallet edge will cause pallets to be unstable and loads to become distorted during transportation.
  • Pallets should be banded both ways with four plastic straps to secure the whole load, protect against movement during transit and facilitate two high stacking. Inserts which vary in size or codes which require separating should not be presented on the same pallet and must conform to the insert specification.
  • Inserts should be bundled and stacked in a manner which enables the operators to take them from the pallets without having to unwrap each bundle or redress small turns.
  • Bundles must have no film or shrink wrap.
  • If inserts are unable to be bulk stacked due to shape or size, then they should be suitably packed in easy to open cartons before palletising.
  • Delivery note and pallets (on two separate sides) must contain the following information:
    • Name of insert
    • Code name or number
    • Publication for insertion
    • Issue date
    • Distribution area
    • Description of insert (eg 2pp leaflet, 16pp catalogue)
    • Total quantity
    • Number of inserts on each pallet
    • Pallet number
    • We are unable to handle inserts which are stuck together due to the effects of ink, electrostatic charge, damp or have damaged corners or edges.
    • Inserts or pallets arriving on site which are damaged or in a state which will need extra handling will be rejected.



  • Inserts must be delivered not more than 6 days but not less than 1 day, before the binding
  • Commence date of the supplements. In all cases the suppliers of all insert material are
  • Required to book deliveries at least 24 hrs prior to arrival of goods with the following



  • Name of insert
  • Code name or number
  • Publication for insertion
  • Issue date
  • Quantity to be delivered
  • Number of pallets
  • Delivery advice notes must accompany all deliveries and include the same information given
  • To the insert manager for booking in.


Delivery address

Boylan print group
Termonfeckin road

Ph + 353 41 9839905
Fax + 353 41 9877280

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