Copy Delivery Deadlines & Charges

A late delivery charge of €212.50 (plus VAT) per piece of copy not received by the deadline above will be applied.
Any transmission missed due to copy delivery will be charged for in full. Only in exceptional circumstances and with a prior written agreement with RTÉ, will any exception be allowed. If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact or by calling Carla (00 353 12082005) or Chris (00 353 12082260)

To submit your copy for clearance you must first register on our Copy Clearance Portal. Once you have registered, please follow the instructions on how to submit a case. For other queries please contact Copy for clearance should be sent for approval as early as possible prior to transmission to (0872445343) and will be accepted in any of the following formats: scripts, storyboards, MPEGs, provided they are accompanied by required copy clearance form. Our Copy clearance committee sit on Tuesday & Thursday mornings at 9.00am. For further details please see our Copy Clearance page.

Sponsorship Copy Instructions

Copy instructions and rotation schedules (with clock numbers, sting titles & durations) should be submitted via email using the copy instructions form to no later than 12 pm at least three working days prior to transmission.

We would appreciate if all copy instructions for stings and advertising copy includes the relevant music details. Sponsorship copy should be delivered in the same way as advertising copy, using Peach, Adstream or directly to our Commercial Library and must be delivered to RTÉ no later than 12 pm three working days prior to transmission.

Copy Instructions

Copy can be sent digitally via Peach, Adstream or as per our traffic deadlines above. All clock numbers (limited to 15 characters) & copy instructions must be sent using CARIA or using the designated form and emailed no later than 12 noon as per the traffic deadlines to

It is essential that all copy due to air on RTÉ includes the relevant music details, this is a Legal Requirement & needs  to be adhered to, failure to do so could result in copy not going to air.


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