The Late Late Toy Show is the Biggest Show of 2019


Important messages from children of Ireland made Friday night's Late Late Toy Show unmissable for Irish viewers at home and abroad.

The must-see broadcast of the Irish television calendar captured the hearts of viewers at home and abroad at the weekend, addressing a broad range of issues including bullying and homelessness, and telling compelling stories which resonated hugely with audiences watching on across a range of RTÉ platforms. 

Host Ryan Tubridy said he has been overwhelmed by both the children who took part, and the overall the response to the show, which was the most watched programme on Irish television this year.
"We have been totally taken aback by the response to The Late Late Toy Show on Friday. We were just bowled over by the children, all of whom came out with these beautiful stories and lessons in life and above all else, a sense of kindness and warmth and innocence and childhood, which is the essence of The Late Late Toy Show experience. The numbers are great, and the love and support is reflected in the texts and emails we have been getting from around the country and around the world from people who really seem to have connected with the show." - Ryan Tubridy

RTÉ One Figures

The Late Late Toy Show 2019 was a ratings success, with this year's live viewing figures up on last year. 
  • The Frozen themed spectacular had an average audience of 1.35 million* on the night.
  • Its Share of Viewing* was 76% among Individuals and 91% among Children.
  • Since broadcast there have been an additional 172,000 TV viewers via time-shift, as of 03/12/2019.


RTÉ Player

On the RTÉ Player, there were a total of 233,000 streams to The Late Late Toy Show from Friday 29/11 to Sunday 01/12. This was an increase of 8% compared to the same time period in 2018. The first broadcast of The Late Late Toy Show with Irish Sign Language received an overwhelmingly positive response from both ISL users and hearing audiences alike, with over 28,000 streams. It was also broadcast on RTÉ News Now

Months of preparation go into this complex and demanding show, and so to see The Late Late Toy Show touch so many people, all across Ireland, is especially welcome. Congratulations to the team, but of course extra special congratulations to the hundreds of young people who gave the best of themselves last Friday night..

RTÉ Director of Content, Jim Jennings


Social Media

This year’s show was widely lauded on social media with #LateLateToyShow trending number one worldwide on Twitter on Friday night and trending in Ireland across the weekend. On both The Late Late Show and RTÉ One Facebook pages, clips from the night have a total reach figure of 2.7 million. The #LateLateToyShow clips on Twitter have received 1,883,400 views, with Sophia's clip alone hitting almost 850,000 views. On Instagram, pictures and videos from the #LateLateToyShow have a reach figure of over 480,000. 

Friday night's Late Late Toy Show was about many things: a big show with brave voices, electric performances, and of course some fantastic toys. But at its core were the stories and experiences of some remarkable kids; the nation listened, and we witnessed a huge outpouring of support and encouragement across social media. I'm delighted that over 1.3 million people tuned in live for this incredible showcase of talent, diversity, and inspiration. It showed, yet again, that coming together as a community is such a big part of who we are.

Dee Forbes, RTÉ Director-General


*TV Ratings Source: TAM / Nielsen, Individuals, Live + VOSDAL
**Player Ratings Source: AT Internet