On Demand Mobile Takeover

Takeover the breaks on mobile devices and be THE ONLY ad in the break!

Smartphones are the second most popular device for RTÉ Player after CTV, with 24% of streams attributed to Mobile and 9% to Tablets*. Our new RTÉ Player research with RED C** also shows that fewer ad breaks results in greater attention, so this is an unmissable opportunity for a brand to stand out from the crowd.

This offer is only available across on-demand content. We can accommodate any creatives from 10” to 60” and apply a frequency cap of between 1 – 3, depending on the client's needs. The recommendation for this campaign is to run for at least 2 weeks and it can be booked through IO or programmatically.


Mobile devices only (Phone & Tablet) Pre/ mid
€100 cpm (based on 30” rate)
10” – 60” lengths
Run across all on demand content
Frequency cap 1 - 3
IO or Programmatically
Specific Targeting available at a premium



*Piano/ATI data, Jan 1-28, 2024

** Red C/RTÉ, RTÉ Player: Real People Behind 4 Screens Research Report 2023


  • Min. spend €3k - Budget to be reconciled & billed post TX
  • Solus ad based on number of imps
  • Min. campaign length 2 weeks
  • Programmatic bookings – Separate tag required
  • IO – “On Demand Mobile Takeover” noted in campaign name & sales house notes
  • Once bookings have been confirmed they are non- cancellable & non-transferable


Rachael Best Digital Trading
085 785 9475 Rachael.Best@rte.ie