Trust is a Key Factor for RTÉ Audience

In June 2017 RTÉ ran research around our new site design changes with Userneeds. The survey looked at many aspects of the site including trustworthiness, user experience and content.


This Userneeds research highlights how much RTÉ is a trusted media platform in terms of the content we provide.


  • "The only reason I do check the website is because its factual and trust worthy"
  • "Overall I trust RTÉ, if I see a breaking news headline on my timeline on social media, I always check the validity of the article on RTÉ App or website
  • I normally visit the website if I have been notified of news from a separate source or media outlet. I almost use it to verify the facts"




  • "I love the RTÉ website, it reports factually". 
  • "Your articles are factual, correct and well written". 
  • "Well designed and good detailed articles and wide range of content. Seems to have improved remarkablt in recent times". 


Overall comments

  • "More than good. My favour website, especially because I do not have a television" (desktop)
  • "In general I find the website very easy to use and accessible and use it on a daily basis" (desktop)
  • "Overall its a pretty good user interface with pertinent articles" (mobile)


Overall your website is a staple of my online news reading. Thank you. 

Survey Period: 07.06.17- 14.06.17

No. of Respondents: 54,620

Conducted by Userneeds