Pre-roll advertising now available on RTÉ web audio streams


RTÉ Media Sales are now offering audio pre-rolls ads on our RTÉ Radio audio streams on web. Pre-rolls are available on both live streams as well as catch-up clips and listen back services.

This is a great opportunity to advertise around the top quality content we have to offer across RTÉ Radio 1 and RTÉ 2FM online.

The specs for this offering can be found here

Your campaigns can be traded directly with us or programmatically as programmatic guaranteed campaigns.

Below I have included some insights for the first 6 months of 2020 on how audio playcounts have performed on web as well as some of the top content that is driving our strong performance.

Interestingly smartphone is the platform that drives the most streams for us on web radio player.

Small in numbers but there is audio streaming being done via Smart TVs.


Live streaming is the biggest driver of playcounts:


Top Performing Shows on Web – Streaming Live:

1.  Morning Ireland
2.  Today with Sarah McInerney
3.  Liveline
4.  Jennifer Zamparelli on 2FM
5.  The Ryan Tubridy Show


Top Performing Shows on Web – Catch up Streaming:

1.  Liveline
2.  The Ryan Tubridy Show
3.  Today with Sarah McInerney
4.  The John Creedon Show
5.  Drivetime


Of our total worldwide performance Domestic playcounts make up 65% of all total playcounts

Time period: Jan – June 2020 | Radio1 & 2fm stations | Source: AT Internet | Audio streams from RTÉ platforms on web only