New documentary series chronicles Ireland’s Olympic & Paralympic hopes

First episode airs Thursday June 27 at 10:15pm


Path to Paris is a compelling new documentary series that follows Ireland's top medal prospects as they strive to qualify for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Filmed over three years, Path to Paris offers an unfiltered, raw, and honest portrayal of the dedication, sacrifice, and perseverance of Ireland’s Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls.

Across three, one-hour episodes, viewers are given access to the personal and professional lives of these extraordinary athletes as they balance everyday challenges while travelling the globe in pursuit of sporting excellence. Path to Paris will feature a diverse and inspiring lineup of athletes, each with their unique journey and aspirations.

EPISODE ONE Thursday June 27, 10:15pm 

Rhasidat Adeleke (Athletics) 

Follow Rhasidat's journey from Austin, Texas, where the Tallaght native evolves from a student-athlete into the new face of Irish Athletics, becoming a leading medal contender in the 400m event for Paris.

Gearóid McDaid (Surfing) 

Gearóid's journey through breathtaking waves and remote surf spots highlights the passion and dedication required in one of the Olympics' newest sports. Hailing from Sligo, Gearóid's story is one of grit, perseverance, and an unyielding connection to the sea, as he strives to make his mark on the international surfing stage and inspire a new generation of Irish surfers.

Katie-George Dunlevy and Eve McCrystal (Tandem Cycling) 

Legends in Irish para sport, Katie-George Dunlevy and Eve McCrystal have forged an extraordinary partnership that has seen them triumph on the world stage time and time again winning both silver and gold paralympic medals. This will be their final games together, marking the end of an era filled with remarkable achievements and inspiring performances. Can they defy the odds and secure one last medal for Ireland?

EPISODE TWO Thursday July 11, 10:15pm 

Rhys McClenaghan (Gymnastics)  

Rhys McClenaghan has won every major medal except for an Olympic one. We follow him over the course of 3 years as he becomes a two-time World Champion, overcoming a struggle with his confidence; and goes into Paris as the Gold Medal favourite - with the hope of completing his medal collection.

Nhat N'Guyen (Badminton) and Tham N'Guyen (Weightlifting) 

This brother and sister duo have taken very different paths in life, despite growing up under the one roof. Nhat, a Tokyo Olympian, targets qualification in his second games while his sister Tham - inspired by her brother, attempts to qualify in Olympic Weightlifting as she juggles a young family and a series of small businesses.  The siblings were born in Vietnam and moved to Ireland when they were young. The documentary follows them as they navigate the challenges of elite sports and personal commitments.

EPISODE THREE Thursday July 18, 10:15pm 

Hiko Tonosa Haso (Marathon Runner) 

Hiko was a refugee to Ireland who came through the direct provision system and went on to represent Ireland internationally at the highest level. The series chronicles his attempt to move up to the marathon and secure his spot at the Olympic Games.

Nicole Turner (Swimmer)  

At just 21 years old, Nicole Turner is already a seasoned Paralympian, set to make Paris her third Games appearance. With an impressive career that includes a silver medal from Tokyo, Nicole's relentless drive and determination have made her a standout in the swimming world and she’s aiming for gold in Paris.

Kellie Harrington (Boxing)  

Cameras rolled on the darling of the Tokyo Olympics during a turbulent time, in and out of the ring, in the build-up to the Paris games. There are weighted expectations on the champion as she faces new challenges and pressures as she trains for her next Olympic journey and hopefully another Olympic gold.

Path to Paris is filmed and directed by Darragh Bambrick. This is the 4th Olympic series that Darragh Bambrick has made for RTÉ, spending the last 15 years following Ireland's Olympic and Paralympic prospects around the world and bringing their stories to life.

Watch the first episode of Path to Paris on RTÉ One and RTÉ Player on Thursday June 27 at 10:15pm.