New to the RTÉ Player in November

Following the success of the second series of The Doireann Project and the Rugby World Cup on the RTÉ Player we have even more new content coming in November.


My Best Sustainable Life



Climate and environmental issues remain one of our greatest challenges. This November, to put a focus on the scale of the problem, RTÉ will devote an entire week of investigations, events and debate to the issue. As part of this the RTÉ Player will bring you My Sustainable Life where a number of well known faces will take on sustainability challenges.





Part of our binge-worthy boxsets, we're adding Series 8 ofER, the seminal hospital drama, to the other 7 series which are already on the RTÉ Player. Watch your favourite doctors battle with both the emergencies that come into their ward and with each other as the pressures of a busy emergency room.




Under the Storyland banner, RTÉ and Northern Ireland Screen give emerging Irish creative talent an opportunity to make original Irish dramas. Previous participants have gone on to create Hardy BucksandAmber. The following 6 programmes will be available on the Player in November.

  • Wastewater: Vinny and Lauryn fall for each other but their future together is thrown into doubt by the intersection of the darkest parts of their lives. Written and directed by Dave Tynan (Dublin Oldschool)
  • Skip to the End: A man suffering the trauma of his young daughter's hospitalisation following a car accident is given a mysterious solution to skip past his pain. Written and directed by Jason Butler.
  • Eat the Rich: A young bicycle courier, struggling to survive in the gig economy, takes revenge on the boss who fired him. Written by PJ Hart.
  • A Deal Is A Deal: A misguided and disgruntled teenage pigeon fancier reacts badly to the death of his champion young bird.Written by Francis and Geraldine Scullion.
  • Mushrooms: A desperate housewife takes drastic measures to solve her problem. Written by Marion McDowell, directed by Meghan McArdle.
  • Yellow Bird: Faced with the eviction from her home by her own daughter, an elderly mother takes in a Syrian Refugee as freedom takes on a new relative meaning for the pair. Written and directed by Grainne Dwyer.