Increasing Awareness and Relevance with Sponsorship | Lucozade Zero & RTÉ

Client: Lucozade Ribena Suntory

Agency: Mindshare

Project: First Dates Ireland Sponsorship

Primary Platform: RTÉ2



There is a consumer trend that is changing many industries including soft drinks, customers making healthier choices. Lucozade is one of Ireland's best loved brands and in order to bring it "into the now" the client decided to launch a zero sugar alternative to the core Lucozade. The idea was to allow people permission to enjoy a drink that they love in a guilt-free manner.

The clients goals for this campaign were two-fold:

  • Increase the brand awareness of Lucozade Zero.
  • Increase the social media presence around the brand.


What was the opportunity?  

RTÉ Media Sales presented Lucozade Ribena Suntory with the opportunity to sponsor First Dates Ireland. This is one of the most popular shows on RTÉ2 with the average audience of 221,000 for the Thursday Night episode. It's also a show which appeals to a younger demographic, the most recent series had an average share of 27.4% of 15-34s.

The show also appealed to the client from a tone point of view. The show has warmth, a little bit of cheekiness and a bit of fun which matched the brand personality of Lucozade Zero.



Why RTÉ?

Lucozade Ribena Suntory were excited by the opportunity to sponsor such an iconic show and they wanted a sponsorship that they could bring to life. RTÉ enabled them to do this through Lucozade's social platforms. Collaborating with the clients social team we delivered clips and moments from the show before each show. This allowed them to have assets ready and be at the centre of social conversations around the show. Through clips, polls and commentary the Lucozade brand was able to increase its association with the First Dates Ireland brand.

The campaign has done extremely well for us [...] Overall the brand awareness gained 7% in the time when we were doing the sponsorship, which was fantastic. We also gained a significant of social media interactions [...] One of the other things that was really important was that it helped with the resonance of the brand with our target audience

– Elizabeth Sheehan
Marketing Director, Lucozade Ribena Suntory



What was the result?

As a result of this sponsorship the brand awareness of Lucozade Zero increased by 7%, a result that the client was pleased with and impressive for a new product in a competitive market.

Lucozade also gained a significant amount of social media interaction. Over the course of the campaign their activity had a reach of over 30 million. An element that was important to the client but was more difficult to quantify was how the association with First Dates Ireland helped with the relevance of the brand for their target audience.