How Remus Uomo Grew as a Multi-Channel Brand with RTÉ

Client: Remus Uomo

Agency: McCann Erickson

Project: FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Sponsorship


What was the main aim of this campaign? 

Remus Uomo is a multi-channel brand that sells through its own retail stores, online and through a number of third-party retailers, such as Arnotts, who are seen as their primary route-to-market. Because of this the campaign had to achieve several objectives at once:

  • Increased footfall in their own retail stores.
  • Increased online traffic to their website.
  • Positive association with the brand for their independent retailers


What was the chosen solution and why?  

Remus hadn't advertised with RTÉ since 2015, and since then we had been looking for the right partnership to suit them, the FIFA World Cup 2018 sponsorship provided a perfect opportunity to do that.

The brand needed a campaign that would have an impact on all of the their channels at once. A high-impact investment such as the World Cup provided the reach and frequency to lift all boats at once. The benefits of a sponsorship of this nature is that it allows a brand to reach a large, broad audience where the positive effects can be seen across all of their channels.

With the decline of the men's magazine trade there are fewer channels where male fashion brands can find cut-through in the marketplace. Because of this, sponsorship of large sporting events can raise brand awareness and distinguish a fashion brand from its competitors. 


Why did you choose to work with RTÉ?

The brand knew that RTÉ, being the national media organisation, could reach every audience across every county in Ireland. Given the multi-level objectives of this campaign the reach that RTÉ is able to provide allowed Remus Uomo to effectively fulfill numerous objectives at once.

This was an integrated campaign and the mix of TV, online and radio that we are able to provide appealed to the client and each platform provided incremental reach for the campaign.



"As the national media organisation RTÉ were the ideal media partner for this campaign. This had to reach every audience across every county of Ireland [...] The mixed of media that RTÉ were able to offer us from TV to online to radio really appealed to us”

– Martin Byrne, Marketing Manager, Remus Uomo


What was the result?

The FIFA World Cup 2018 reached over 3 million people over the month. An average of 317,000 viewers tuned in to the 57 live matches. The England v Croatia Semi-Final was the most watched match and the fourth most watched programme of the year with 924,000 viewers. It was the best ever World Cup of the RTÉ Player with 5.8 million streams.

For Remus Uomo the results were immediately evident. In the first week of the partnership online site traffic had increased by 950%, that evened out to 400% over the course of the campaign. According to Martin Byrne, "The feedback from the wholesale market has been overwhelmingly positive. Many of our most important stockists across the island of Ireland were really encouraged to see the brand associated with such a high-value sponsorship." Their flagship Irish store in Dublin saw a 100% increase in turnover in the month after the campaign and since the campaign they've seen a significantly improved performance compared to the previous year.

As a result of this successful partnership Remus Uomo are going to include RTÉ in their marketing plans going into 2019. After trying to find a partnership that would work for them since 2015 that is a big success for both of our teams.