The Money List Sponsorship

Baz Ashmawy hosts the quiz where teams of strangers compete to fill in missing answers on a list for the chance to win €15,000.

The Money List is back for a brand new series this Autumn on RTÉ One and RTÉ Player hosted by Baz Ashmawy, where two teams of complete strangers are challenged to fill in missing answers on a list. The more lists they complete, the more money they win. The lists can be about anything, from ‘Presidents of the USA’ to ‘Madonna Hit Singles’. When the list title is revealed, each team offers a bid on how many correct answers they think they can name. The teams play from inside soundproof pods, meaning their opponents can’t hear their game strategy or how many answers they might know.

The team with the highest bid gets to play the list. If they successfully name the required number of correct answers, they win. The first team to win two lists gets to play for €15,000. This time, every correct answer on the list is a step up the money ladder to that top cash prize. As the champions progress, they can bank their money or keep going, but one wrong answer will lose them everything. And as champions on The Money List, if they keep on winning, they can keep on earning until another team of contestants knocks them out. Can perfect strangers become a winning partnership and bank the big bucks? Find out on The Money List.

SERIES 1 – Delivery

Average Audience

All Adults 277.2 Share 24.24%
Adults 25-44 43.8 Share 20.8%

Sponsorship Reach & Frequency

All Adults +1: 27.9% +4: 16.6%
Adults 25-44 +1: 18.1% +4: 9.5%



Date Autumn 2024
Episode 10 x 1 hour
Stings 2 x 10”, 4 x 7” per episode
RTÉ Player Live and On Demand
Sponsor Logo Sponsor Logo included on all promotions on TV and Social Media






Ruth Kennedy TV Sponsorship Lead