RTÉ Guide – Sustainibility Feature

In the issue on sale on 9th September 2024, the RTÉ Guide will publish an extended feature themed around sustainability to coincide with International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, which falls on 16th September 2024. This special feature will focus on the benefits of Green Loans, including what’s on offer currently in Ireland and how to avail of these opportunities. We’ll be catching up with experts in the sustainability field, who will be giving tips and practical advice on how to apply for these loans to help make our homes more environmentally friendly.

The feature will also look at the small but significant changes we can all make within our own homes and day-to-day lives to make the world greener, including an article on the Deposit Return Scheme and how it has been working to date across the country plus all you need to know about insulation solutions. There will also be a step-by-step guide to installing Solar Panels.


On Sale Monday 9th September
Booking Deadline Wednesday 21st August
Copy Deadline Monday 2nd September


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  • Almost ¼ of RTÉ Guide readers like to read articles about the environment.


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