National Ploughing Championships 2019


The National Ploughing Championships 2019 takes to Carlow for the biggest agricultural show of the year.

The National 2019 Ploughing Championships will be held in Ballintrane, Fenagh, Co. Carlow from 17th - 19th September. As always, RTÉ will be there to take part and broadcast all the action including musical performances, live weather bulletins and exclusive events.

Previous RTÉ talent at the the event include Marty Whelan, Ray D’Arcy, Sean O’Rourke, Joe Duffy, Tracy Clifford, Áine
Lawlor, Marty Morrissey, Brenda Donohue and more of the RTÉ team will be working on site over the three days at Ploughing.

The 2018 Championships were undoubtedly a success in the eyes of farmers, organisers, performers and visitors alike.

Take a peak at some of our 2018 highlights in this video:


AV Elements

  • - Sponsorship of RTÉ Live from The Ploughing.
  • - Live broadcast show on RTÉ One 19.00-19.30 (17th-19th September).
  • - 2 x 10" & 2 x 7" stings per show.
  • - 12 Sponsor stings in total.
  • - Repeated on RTÉ One +1 an hour later.
  • - 10" sting on RTÉ Player for catch-up.
  • - Sponsor logo nicluded on any pre-promotion of the show.

Radio Elements

  • - Sponsorship of 3 days of RTÉ at the Ploughing on RTÉ Radio.
  • - 3 days of broadcasting from the RTÉ tent on RTÉ Radio 1, RTÉ 2FM and RTÉ lyric fm - shows TBC.
  • - 45 sponsor-credited promos across RTÉ Radio - 15 per station (17th - 19th September).
  • - 60 sponsor-credited pre-promos across RTÉ Radio - 20 per station (in the lead up to the Ploughing).
  • - Live mentions throughout live broadcasting (show dependent - news and current affairs excluded)

RTÉ Guide Elements

  • - 65,000 maps will be slotted into the issue on sale pre-Ploughing and there will be a cover plug saying "Get your free Ploughing map inside" with an image on the cover.
  • - 10,000 maps will be included in the RTÉ Guide's on sale 17th September at the event.
  • - 5,000 maps will be supplied to the sponsor for their own use at the event.
  • - Outside Back Cover of pre-Ploughing 9th September and 16th September issue.
  • - Editorial support in the issue on sale 16th September (product show plus 200 words).

RTÉ.ie Elements

  • - Responsive Home Page Takeover (HPTO) on 17th, 18th and 19th September.

On Site Elements

  • - Sponsor logo in rotation on screen within RTÉ Tent.
  • - Opportunities for giveaways in the RTÉ Tent.


Sponsorship Fee - €106,000

For more information please contact: 01 208 3404 01 208 2963 01 208 2099 01 208 2563