Morning Ireland


Grab the break leading into the most listened to radio show in the country*. (Source: JNLR Jan 19 - Dec 19)
The latest radio listenership figures for the last quarter of 2019 show that Morning Ireland had a daily listenership of 441,000 people.

RTÉ Media Sales is offering a unique solus break opportunity on Radio 1 during the 06:58 break leading into Morning Ireland. The Average Quarter Hour (AQH) for this slot is 42,000. This break is a highly demanded break and in the past has been consistently oversubscribed. It offers good value, great cut through and it great opportunity to have such prominent presence in the most listened to radio show in Ireland.


Cost: €400 per spot



  • Minimum commitment is 1 calendar month
  • Length up to 40 sec (longer length POA)
  • 10% discount for any commitment longer than 2 months




Phone: 01 208 2963