Goodbye House Sponsorship Package


Downsizing the family home is always a family ordeal but now it can be fun!

Goodbye House is a brand new series about homeowners who have decided to downsize their family home. Airing on RTÉ One on September 3rd this brand new property show involves the siblings, relatives & friends of the 'downsizer'. Three individuals will compete to have their selected home chosen by the downsizer as their perfect ‘new beginning’ home. In each of the six episodes, three individual properties will be viewed by the ‘downsizer’, one of which they must choose.

With strong rivalry among the property hunters there will certainly be some surprises and maybe even a few tears as the family reflect on their special memories spent in their family home. 


Sponsorship Package:

TX: 3rd September 2019 Live Stream + Catch-Up
SLOT:   Tuesdays at 8:30pm
EPISODES: 6 x 30 minute episodes
STINGS: 4 x stings per episode (2 x 10”, 2 x 7”) 4 x stings per episode (2 x 10”, 2 x 7”)
PROMOS: Sponsor logo on all Goodbye House dedicated promos


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