RTÉ Recertified by Trustworthy Accountability Group as Brand Safe

RTÉ Media Sales is proud to announce that its digital platforms have been recertified by TAG in 2021. The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) is the world’s leading program to fight criminal activity and protect brand safety in digital advertising.

In a year of wrenching dislocation and rising criminal activity, the world’s leading digital advertising companies looked to TAG standards for stability, continuity, and protection, and they demanded their supply chain partners set the same high bar’”, said Mike Zaneis, CEO of TAG.

At RTÉ Media Sales, we have always remained committed to brand safety and to providing brand value for our advertising clients. In 2018 we launched Ad Sentry, an algorithm that allows us to proactively track the brand safety of an article on RTÉ.ie as it is being written. We know how damaging ads placed next to unsuitable content can be to brands and are working against this. A 2019 US survey found that over 80% of consumers would reduce or stop purchasing brands advertised near extreme or dangerous content.

Mary Corcoran, Digital Ad Operations Manager at RTÉ said, “Brand safety is a topic which isn’t going away… and nor should it. I’m delighted that RTE has been independently audited and verified by ABC on brand safety and received certification from TAG. Advertisers need to ensure they can trust where their brands are being viewed and with RTE’s Ad Sentry and TAG accreditation you know you’re in a safe environment with RTE”,

RTÉ has always committed to third-party independent verification, whether it be TAM/Nielsen, the JNLR, ABC, or others. We hold ourselves to the highest standard when it comes to safety and reporting.

We do not buy audiences elsewhere. When you advertise with RTÉ, you advertise on RTÉ and nowhere else. RTÉ, across all its platforms, is an environment where brands should have no safety concerns. By advertising on our platforms you are guaranteed a transparent, brand-safe, quality environment for your message. This latest accreditation as well as our DTSG certification shows this.

Additional information about TAG’s programs and certifications is available at www.tagtoday.net.

To find out more about how your brand can advertise in a brand safe environment contact us at mediasales@rte.ie.