New to the RTÉ Player in August

We have a ton of true-crime series coming to the RTÉ Player in August. Indulge your dark side with some of the most chilling stories and thrilling programmes.


Confessions of a Serial Killer



Possibly the most prolific serial killer in US history, Samuel Little claims to have murdered more than 90 women across the US over a 40-year period before DNA evidence led to his conviction in 2014. On a journey from California to Mississippi, film-maker Ben Zand delineates the extraordinary story of how this dangerous, deluded drifter managed to remain on the loose for so long. An unnerving, compelling documentary unafraid to ask important questions about the US criminal justice system.


Encounters with Evil



Exploring the minds of the perpetrators of notorious crimes, using expert analysis and interviews with those closest to the case. In this ten-part series physiologists, journalists, and police officers, offer their experience with serial killers and their warped world. An interesting view into some of the most gruesome of killers.


Murder Made Me Famous


Some people are famous more for infamous acts than for any talent or skills they possess. This series documents people who are household names because of murders they have committed. Jodi Arias, Erik and Lyle Menendez, Ted Bundy and Drew Peterson are among the killers profiled in the hour-long episodes. Personal accounts from victims' family members, jurors, law enforcement officials and journalists involved with each case help provide an insiders' perspective and disclose new information about what transpired. Veteran crime reporter Steve Helling serves as a commentator for each episode, offering his insights into each case.