Important Announcement – December 22nd 2020

As a result of the most recent Government announcements there has been a high level of enquiries regarding RTÉ contact protocol with regard to potential Television and Radio campaign changes over the 24th December – 4th January period inclusive.

RTÉ Commercial offices are closed 25th to 28th December but we do have staff working on 24th, 29th, 30th and 31st December.

All days up to the 4th January have been sent to transmission so any requested changes from 24th will have to be implemented manually, which means that RTÉ cannot guarantee that change requests will be completed, particularly if there is a high volume of changes.

If you have any urgent changes to be actioned up to the 29th December because of the new Government restrictions, please contact a member of our team as outlined at the bottom of this email prior to 10am Wednesday 23rd.

The team will try to facilitate any urgent and necessary requests but cannot guarantee that they will be completed or will not be subject to human error.

If your change can wait to be sent until December 29th then please do so.

RTÉ Force Majeure policy will be in operation regarding any possible changes but agreement as to application of Force Majeure may not happen until w/c 4th January as limited staff will be available until then.

If your changes are non-urgent, please do not send in until 4th January.

Please note that RTÉ will prioritise urgent Government and public health messages.

Find below points of contact for urgent requests 24th, 29th, 30th and 31st December

TV Implementation

Tuesday 29th December - Catherine Clifford - 01 208 2519

Wednesday 30th December - Rosemarie Walsh - 01 208 2998

Thursday 31st December - Lorcan Delaney - 01 208 2815

Head of Implementation - Laura Lester - 01 208 2562 / 087 2260287

Radio Implementation

Digital Implementation

Digital Operations



Find below points of contact for urgent requests 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th December, during which period emails will not be monitored.

Joanne Watts - Implementation and Traffic - 087 633 0004

Conor Mullen - Copy Clearance - 087 252 4543

Debbie Kennedy - Trading - 087 202 9772

Dara Meaney - Sales - 087 235 5858

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Christmas