Chef Adrian Eats Ireland – A Branded Content Case Study

The Challenge

Our challenge was to measure the brand uplift and advertising effectiveness for the Carr’s Ireland branded content campaign; Chef Adrian Eats Ireland, which ran across multiple media and formats on RTÉ. 

This research was carried out by Ignite Research. 

The below metrics were the specific objectives of the research. We wanted to test how being exposed to the campaign boosts:

  • Awareness of the brand
  • Consideration of the brand 
  • Propensity to purchase
  • Brand Affinity
  • Brand Image

The Findings

Overall, the research showed that there was a 33% uplift in propensity to purchase Carr's products. Responsdents were satisfied with the content with females tending to be more positive to the content than men. One in two of those that saw the multi-media content reported that they really enjoyed the video content and that they were interested in viewing more content like this. 

“We know that over 70% of people are interested in food brands providing cooking tips. Utilising multiple channels, via RTÉ Media Sales, has enabled us to reach that audience with engaging and inspiring content in formats that are relevant and have delivered demonstrable benefit to the brand.“
Niamh Twyford, Head of Marketing,
Carr’s Ireland