Phenomenal Results From Belong To Campaign with RTÉ 2FM

In 2019, Belong To teamed up with IAPI, RTÉ and multiple contributors to deliver the #ComeIn Campaign – a way in which IAPI with the help of their members and partners could show solidarity and support for the LGBTI+ community during Stand Up Awareness Week which, at the time had participation from less than half second-level schools.

In 2022, the final year of the #ComeIn campaign partnership between IAPI and Belong To, we are delighted to see that over three quarters of second-level schools took part in Stand Up Awareness Week in 2022.

Stand Up Awareness Week is an annual campaign, run by Belong To that promotes the safety and inclusion of LGBTQ+ young people by encouraging second-level schools to take a stand against LGBTQ+ bullying. Since commencing the #ComeIn campaign, there has been a year-on-year increase in the number of school communities coming together for Stand Up Awareness Week. This concept was driven from what the LGBTQ+ community wished they heard in school, words and affirmations that show solidarity, acceptance and support.

In 2022, the number of students reached by Stand Up Awareness Week’s message of LGBTQ+ inclusion almost doubled, from 162,000 second-level students in 2018 to a phenomenal 312,971 second-level students in 2022.

The #ComeIn campaign has been instrumental in increasing the number of schools, students, and teachers taking the opportunity to recognise, support, and celebrate their LGBTQ+ community.

Speaking about the #ComeIn campaign, Belong To’s CEO, Moninne Griffith (she/her), said:

“When we think about the importance of our partnership with IAPI and the #ComeIn campaign, the numbers speak for themselves. In just four years, the number of schools participating in Stand Up Awareness Week has steadily risen from 43% of second-level schools in 2018 to an extraordinary 77% in 2022.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the team at IAPI and their agency members for their dedication to supporting LGBTQ+ youth and for the innovation and creativity they have brought to the #ComeIn campaign. Thank you also to our media partner, RTÉ 2FM, who generously spotlighted and celebrated LGBTQ+ youth through the #ComeIn campaign."


Read more about the campaign and it's objectives on the IAPI website here and on here